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Dragonborn Halloween Costume

Looking for Dragonborn Halloween costume ideas? If you want to be a Dragonborn for Halloweendragonborn-costumeyou’ll need things like armor, fur and helmets. Sometimes you’ll find some pretty realistic Skyrim costume props on eBay. You might even be able to use the accessories and clothing on this page to make your own Dragonborn Halloween costume. There are tons of ideas out there, you just need to compile all the ideas into one awesome costume. Check out the Dragonborn costume ideas on this page and comment to let me know you’ve made one of your own. (I’d love to see the pictures!) Happy Halloween!

(Photo credit: GadgetSin.com)

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion® Game of the Year Edition

Barbarian Combat Shield and Sword – One-Size

Barbarian Combat Shield and Sword - One-Size

How to Make a Skyrim Dragonborn Helmet

Check it out Elder Scrolls & Skyrim fans, this is an amazing Skyrim Iron Helmet that was

How to make a Dragonborn Helmet from Instructables.com

How to make a Dragonborn Helmet from Instructables.com

handmade. This means, you can make one too! Instructibles.com even has a printable instruction manual. This make your own Skyrim helmet project calls for a list of easy to obtain materials. You’ll need to make it in 2 parts, the paper craft part, then finish it with resin. Have you ever made paper mache? Sounds like that sort of project, with a few more steps and a little more patience. Get the full instructions on how to make this Dragonborn Skyrim Helmet on Instructibles: Skyrim Iron Helmet. They were even nice enough to put it in a PDF file so you can print it out and follow along.
(Photo: Dragonborn Helmet from Instructibles.com)

Costume Shield

Rubies Costumes 195180 Clash of the Titans Perseus Shield

Dragonborn Costume Clothing


Things you’ll need to make your own Dragonborn Costume

  • Faux fur, check a local fabric store (like JoAnns Fabric) or Walmart and by a few yards of fur looking material
  • Faux leather


1 comment to Dragonborn Halloween Costume

  • Sophia
    hi! for halloween i am going trick or treating with my friends and i want to be the dragonborn for elder scrolls 5. i’m pretty sure i can make the helmet with no problem but i need more details in how to make the armor and gauntlets!! any videos online?

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